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October 8 - 30, 2016

Adapted by Stephen Mallatratt,
Based on the novel by Susan Hill

Directed by WENDY COHEN

      Kurt Schauppner                 Clinton Crawshaw                Teri Conelly   

Described as “the most brilliantly effective spine-chiller you will ever encounter”, Susan Hill’s thrilling ghost story, The Woman In Black, is dramatically reinvented for the stage in Stephen Mallatratt’s terrifying stage adaptation. Arthur Kipps, a young lawyer, is sent to a sleepy rural village to sort out the affairs of Mrs. Drablow, a recently deceased widow.  He is alarmed by glimpses of a figure of a woman dressed in black who appears at the widow’s funeral. Things take a turn for the worse when Kipps moves into Mrs. Drablow’s forbidding mansion. He learns that there are much more than memories locked inside - ghastly secrets are still alive there. Many years later, an elderly Arthur Kipps retells his experiences to an actor, trying to rid himself of that long past encounter. The action unfolds amidst the eerie whistling of the wind as the two men re-enact Kipps’ ghostly encounters all those years ago. The Woman In Black is a study in atmosphere, illusion and utter horror.  Perfect for Halloween, but not for the faint-hearted!