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June 2nd -  17th, 2012

Written & Directed by


Logo Artwork by Harvey MultiMedia Productions

Lloyd Steele - Elder Pablo Picasso       S. Gaspar Ascencio - Younger Pablo Picasso

Jeff Wood - Don Jose (Pablo’s Father) & Vollard      Sue Bradley - Donna Maria (Pablo’s Mother), Marie Therese, Fernande & Gertrude Stein

Anja Homberg - Jacqueline Picasso & Dora Marr   Wes Thomas - Carles, George Braque & The Man of Guernica

Mike Dorrinton - Max Jacob      Kathy Penny - Flamenco Dancer

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Edward Duncan, a young photo journalist, knocks on the door of the famous Pablo Picasso hoping to get a story.  Without an appointment or an introducton he has a 100% chance of getting the door slamned in his face.  Luck smiles.  He gets his story: Pablo’s baptisim, his rebellious childhood years, skipping school to sketch his fathers pigeons, Pablo’s years of studying classical art only to embrace the birth of modernisim, Pablo the father of cubisim, the women he loved and the war torn years of Europe.  Pablo Picasso a big life, a long life, a life fully explored.  Love or hate his art, Pablo Picasso cannot be ignored.