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”8” The Play 

January 12 & 13, 19 & 20, & 26 & 27, 2013

Written by


Directed by


Clerk/Broadcast Journalist - Bethany Sorensen        Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker - Dan Graff
Theodore B. Olson (Plaintiffs’ attorney) - Abe Daniels        David Boies (Plaintiffs’ attorney) - Lloyd Steele
Charles J. Cooper (Proponents’ attorney) - Charles Harvey       Jeff Zarrillo (Plaintiff) - Bob Harrison
Paul Katami (Plaintiff) - Scott Cutler           Sandy Stier (Plaintiff) - Wendy Cohen
Kris Perry (Plaintiff) - Donette Swain             Elliott (Kris & Sandy’s son) - Kody Fleischman
Spencer (Kris & Sandy’s son) - Sarah Case       Dr. Nancy Cott (Plaintiffs’ witness) - Anja Homburg
Maggie Gallagher (Marriage equality opponent) - Marge Doyle
Ryan Kendall (Plaintiffs’ witness) - Mike Lipsitz         Dr. Ilan Meyer (Plaintiffs’ witness) - Ben Sasnett
Dr. Gregory Herek (Plaintiffs’ witness) - Karl Weimer     Dr. William Tam (Prop. 8 proponent) - Steve Fuji
Dr. Gary Segura (Plaintiffs’ witness) - Sebastiano Grosso    Evan Wolfson (Marriage equality advocate) - Jim Babb
David Blankenhorn (Proponents’ witness) - Kurt Schauppner

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Join the Grove’s Cabin Theatre and a cast of talented community actors to examine the federal case against Proposition 8 in CA. The Grove’s Cabin Theatre in conjunction with Equality California and the Morongo Basin Foundation for Equal Rights will present a staged reading of “8”, a new play by Dustin Lance Black, based on this historic civil rights case for marriage equality. Black, an Academy Award-winning screen writer for the film Milk, is a lifelong LGBT rights activist. After each performance there will be a talkback session hosted by local marriage equality advocates. We hope that our presentation of this fact-based play will enlighten those who see it and create a better understanding of this fight that’s crucial to changing the hearts and minds for marriage equality in California.

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